About Us


Who are we? Champions of the small family business!

We are Troy and Joan, and we’ve been entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Our background is vast and varied, but mostly in the clothing and textile design and manufacturing realm. We’ve spent almost 20 years launching and developing various clothing lines and developing industrial fabrics in Los Angeles. We moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2005 and have continued building various businesses, mostly in the industrial fabric machining industries. In Small Supply Co is our newest business venture and we are excited to be working with soft goods again! We’ve always been of the “It takes a village” mindset, and we see this also as our opportunity to give back by helping new entrepreneurs launch and maintain their own sustainable businesses they can be proud of.


Troy Co-owner



Troy is a fiber and textile guru! His passion lies in developing new types of fabric “from the fiber forward”. Combining different types of fibers to achieve fabrics with the desired qualities.  He was instrumental in bring Bamboo fabric to the states and has relationships with spinners and mills worldwide. He’s also super business savvy and the absolute best person to “crunch the numbers” and bounce ideas off of.

Joan Co-owner



Joan is a procedures and processes nut! She’s happiest behind the scenes sourcing or organizing the warehouse for the best workflow. She’s the go to for all planning, scheduling, costing, sourcing, organization, forms making, etc.





Our Tagline: Serving the small batch manufacturer


Our Mission: To offer the finest Custom and Curated global materials with an emphasis on sourcing from family businesses


Our Goal: We feel a big hurdle of small batch manufacturers is having to invest in large quantities of rolled goods fabric to even get any yardage at all. You need some to proof your concept, but the samples most companies are willing to send are merely swatches. We’re introducing the “demi roll” concept. These rolls are 10 yds of production quality fabric, as opposed to the usually 60 yd standard rolls. Imagine getting 6 colorways to sample from for the same amount as 1 color roll from other suppliers-it’s a game changer! Awww, you’re welcome!

With isSCo You can get the goods you need from 1 supplier without having to meet all the minimums which can be 5000yds. per colorway! That being said, if there is something you need and can’t find it in our product offerings, please feel free to email us at joan.insmallsupply@gmail.com a detailed description of what you need and we will contact our network of manufacturers and suppliers to see if we can source it. If it makes sense for us to start stocking it, we will.


Democratic Design: You will be involved in what our product offerings look like. We hope to hold design contests for printed lining fabrics, or have you vote on colors to add to our collection. We’re starting with our custom designed water resistant fabric, Enduro Twill, some hardware and webbing options as well as leather tabs and straps. We also have a list of services we can provide (see FAQs) Where we go from here is up to you! We are all in this together, people!


Consider this an invitation to all small batch makers and suppliers: Please join us!

We hope to develop a makers forum where  we can all share our hits and misses, and catalog tips, tricks, hacks, how-to’s and best practices, building community through virtual collaboration that spills out into the real world in the form of shows and gatherings, tours, etc. We also want to have a small supply marketplace where we all sell our small batch creations, taking the small supply concept full circle!


We are happy to make our skillset available to you through virtual or onsite consulting.

No matter where you are at with your business (both literally and figuratively) if you are interested in having one or both of us help you grow your business we would be happy to discuss a product or business viability, problem-solving strategies, process implementation, sourcing, cost analysis, etc. We don’t publish a set fee because each situation is different, and may require travel expenses, training, etc.

Email me at joan.insmallsupply@gmail.com and we can set a time to discuss.

You’ll probably be surprised at how reasonable our rates are!