What services does IsSCo provide?

Business Consulting

Product photography

Item descriptions and copywriting

Pattern making

Fabric development

Fabric converting

Vinyl cutting

Stencil making

Snap setting

Strap assembly

Custom logo rubber stamps

Leather imprinting/debossing of logos or graphics

Gold foiling

1 color screenprinting


Do I have to have a business license to order from IsSCo?

We realize there are lots of makers that don’t have a proper business structure in place. Perhaps you primarily sell at craft faires or online, or this is a side hustle for you. You don’t have to be a business, just meet our small minimums and we are happy to extend wholesale pricing


What are these minimum order requirements?

We simply ask you to place a $200 opening order, and a $100 order after that, with free shipping on orders over $200


What’s the sales tax situation?

We are an Oregon Corporation so there is never any sales tax on your orders


Where are you based and shipping from?

We are located in Clackamas, a suburb of Portland, OR


Can I pick up my order?

No, we are currently operating as a live/work space right now, but if you are nearby delivery is a possibility. Just email me at joan.insmallsupply@gmail.com with your delivery address and we can work something out


How soon will my order be shipped?

Our goal is same day shipping but we guarantee to pull and ship all orders within 2 business days. If you have a tight deadline just email me at joan.insmallsupply@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do